Learn to Design and Create Web-Applications

Develop professional-quality websites as a web developer. Learn to design and implement responsive web-site designs that are accessible through all devices.

Number of Tutorials: 95
Duration : 869 minutes

Course Content Preview Duration
  Getting StartedPreview2.0
  Introduction to Web-Application DevelopmentPreview7.47
  How to Align Elements in a WebpagePreview6.15
  How to create Table and Align elements as a GridPreview8.16
  Learn basics of Programming Language13.50
  Create a Login Form and Validate through JavaScript11.38
  Creating JS and CSS External Files and link in a Webpage9.53
  Navigate between Webpages using Hyperlinks8.4
  Configure XAMPP Server to use MySQL and PHP8.33
  Working with MySQL Queries in phpMyAdmin8.1
  Configure PHP and Create first PHP Program9.37
  Working with Date Functions in PHP9.13
  Use HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP together5.4
  Use PHP to fetch Data from MySQL Database8.44
  Use PHP to Insert / Update / Delete data from MySQL Database14.27
  Read Data in Background using AJAX9.17
  Validate user using MySQL, AJAX and PHP5.25
  How to use Session Variables in PHP7.41
  How to create Cookies in PHP7.58
  Use FREE Templates to create a Website11.12
  Host your website with FREE Hosting Plan3.11
  Host your website from Localhost to Hostinger8.1
  How to add Google-ReCAPTCHA in user validation form10.13
  How to setup Google Analytics for your Website9.11
  How to make your website SEO Friendly8.45
  How to create overlay Pop-up to capture Email-Addresses22.33
  How to design Email Templates and send using PHP21.57
  How to send Bulk Emails using MySQL and PHP8.26
  How to track that customer has opened an Email7.42
  How to track that customer has clicked on your offers in an Email6.34
  How to use PayTM Payment Gateway using PHP10.8
  Configure JQuery Mobile Framework for your Website10.13
  Navigate between Pages using JQuery Mobile8.32
  Create Panel and Menus using JQuery Mobile7.8
  Things to know before learning Wordpress3.42
  Convert your computer into a Web-Server3.18
  How to Configure Wordpress on your PC6.16
  Understanding Wordpress Interface7.37
  Creating your first Website with Wordpress10.21
  Creating and Adding Blocks in pages5.40
  Design a webpage using Page Builder9.27
  How to use Wordpress Reset Plugin2.12
  Add custom CSS in Wordpress Webpage4.30
  Add custom PHP Pages in Wordpress Website9.41
  Create Forms using Ninja Forms7.21
  Create Popup in a webpage using plugin7.47
  Add professional Image Slider in Webpage5.18
  Add DATA Tables using Table Press3.37
  Add Social Media and Share buttons in Website4.58
  Create Registration / Login pages using Ultimate Member8.0
  Setup your first E-Commerce Website with WooCommerce17.30
  Setup payment gateway in WooCommerce Website8.44
  Learn to create a Blogging Website using a template9.52
  Add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in wordpress website8.40
  Host your website on Wordpress.com and Godaddy.com6.58
  Cloud-Hosting with Hostinger, Design website with Elementor and Create Professional Email address12.46
  How to use SMS API for Order Confirmations4.40
  How to add your Business Location MAP on Webpage1.38
  How to take Website Backup using Updraft Plus5.5
  Convert your Wordpress website into a Mobile APP15.18
  Upload Android APP on PlayStore6.11
  Introduction to digital marketing11.25
  Define purpose of your business6.54
  Learn to create FREE images / banners / posts / cover-pages online5.55
  Where to find Royalty FREE Images for your Websites/Blogs4.51
  Create a Video Presentation using Wondershare Filmora12.9
  Editing Video Presentation with Green Background6.7
  How to create a Screen Recording Video presentation?7.43
  Learn to create simple Logos using Microsoft Excel12.47
  How to track user clicks on Webite using URL Shortener?6.29
  How to add Social Media Links to your Website?11.13
  Understanding advertisement with Google Ads8.0
  Create an advertisement for Google Search Engine10.4
  Advertise with Google Search Engine using Keyword Planner10.24
  How to use other Ad. Options with Google Ads?11.32
  How to use Backlinks to improve SEO?5.52
  YouTube for generating Web-Traffic6.40
  How to create a YouTube Channel24.21
  How to embed YouTube Video on your Website5.39
  How to monetize your YouTube Channel5.41
  Promote & Advertise you business with YouTube Ads7.20
  How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program13.28
  How to use Facebook for Digital Marketing23.20
  Register your business using Facebook Business Manager7.12
  Add your FB page in Business Manager and Boost your posts5.47
  How to track Boost posts performance and customer communication3.1
  Linkedin for generating Web-Traffic & Leads4.46
  Learn to create Linkedin Personal Profile6.58
  Design professional Company Page on Linkedin10.30
  Promote your business with Linkedin Business Solutions10.18
  Other Tutorials -- Learn to design images / videos using Adobe Animate13.53
  Other Tutorials -- Learn to design Logos using Animate28.32
  Other Tutorials -- Learn to design Banners using Animate36.51
  Other Tutorials -- Learn to design Animated Logos for entry videos - Part-I7.57
  Other Tutorials -- Learn to design Animated Logos for entry videos - Part-23.9
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