Top 10 Qualities of Good Student

Top 10 Qualities of Good Student

Character strengths and good qualities help an individual in achieving his/her desired goals in life. The qualities of good student are the components that determine academic and general life success. In fact, these are also great support in fixing behavior problems. And make the student stand out as an exceptional personality in a group.

As parents/stakeholders in this complex world, we must possess the knowledge of these good qualities to help our students in building these. This detailed article will cover 10 qualities of a good student. Additionally, we will also take up 30 qualities of a good student in the last section to give you a larger picture of these desirable personality traits. 

These qualities are a stepping stone for long-time success. So let’s explore these further and learn how to nurture these in our kids.

Let’s get started:

10 BEST Qualities of a Good Student

1. Intrinsically Motivated

Research proves that intrinsically motivated students thrive better academically. In addition, they also develop good social and emotional skills. It is interesting to note that school psychologists get around 25% of cases that need a boost in terms of motivation. This means that many students underperform and fail to acquire the necessary skills because of a lack of motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is one of the most essential qualities of good student. Because it improves academic performance. And also reducing chances of behavior problems as well.

The easiest way to make students intrinsically motivated is to give them enough support, practice empathy and establish a bond of positive communication. Help your child through these strategies. And see how he/she will reach greater heights of success.   

Percentage of students need a boost in their motivation level

2. Perseverance

The ability to keep going and trying hard despite obstacles is called perseverance. This unique trait makes a student highly admirable. Because he/she achieves success by the sheer virtue of constant dedication. For students, perseverance is a quality that gives them immense power. In fact, leading agencies across the world have proved that perseverance helps in reducing anxiety, panic, or depression-related disorders.

Perseverance  Skill | Qualities of good students

Our Indian students battle with problems like academic stress, parental expectations, and career uncertainty.

<As of 2021, 8% of the overall suicide rates in the country were student cases.>

Suicide cases | Top 10 qualities of Good Student

3. Time Management

Another important quality amongst the 10 qualities of a good student is the ability to manage time effectively. This ability also tops the chart in the 30 qualities of a good student. Because it is a game-changer for students in today’s age and date.

Be it an online school or a traditional platform, time management helps in prioritizing important tasks. In fact, it is also a highly effective skill that helps students to balance their family and school tasks well.

4. Honesty

A student who is trustworthy and honest is a delight for both the teachers and the classmates. This impeccable quality adds value to one’s personality. Because it makes an individual capable of winning the trust of others.

An honest individual never manipulates his/her words just to keep problems at bay. Instead, he/she is always open to feedback. And nurtures an attitude of admitting and learning from one’s mistakes.

5. Capable of High-Order Thinking

Some more qualities of good student include the ability to think divergently and solve problems. Students with this virtue are capable of understanding varied perspectives on the same issue. Such students are an asset to the family. And also inspire their peers in school (traditional or online school).

Thinking skills can be developed by encouraging out-of-box ideas. Support your child to look for creative and unique solutions to problems. And help him/her to hone these skills for future success.

6. Respectful

Well-behaved and disciplined students are always loved and appreciated by adults. This quality is certainly one of the most desirable traits of a student. And being respectful is always a sign of a well-rounded smart individual. If your child does not respect others, teach him/her this virtue before it is too late. You can help the child by citing examples of situations wherein we need the support of each other in society. You can also refer to role models to set the right example. All this will help the child understand how being respectful automatically makes an individual likable. 

Help your child to learn the value of respecting others. Because a disrespectful person is frustrating for others. And he/she never succeeds in establishing strong relationships with others.  

7. Zealous Learners

Another quality that defines a good student is the zeal to learn and improve. Today, the world demands lifelong learners. Hence, it is one of the top 10 qualities of a good student.

The future-focused vision of education also acknowledges the need to make students zealous lifelong learners. These traits are important for our students for academic success. In addition, these are also a need-of-the hour to combat the challenges of the post-pandemic world.

8. Resourceful

When a student knows how to look for possible solutions for a given problem, he/she is resourceful. School life demands resourcefulness. Because there can be days when students get stuck with things like project work, assignments, etc. A student who possesses the knowledge of digital tools, and is capable of procuring the necessary details/material required to complete a task is unstoppable.

You can help your child to develop this quality by creating scenarios that require lateral thinking. Assign a couple of tasks to your kid in your everyday routine. And help/her to look for more than one solution. For instance, planning a picnic, creating a grocery list as per the budget allocated, etc.

9. Active Listening

Listening is a part of interpersonal skills. And active listening is a valuable soft skill. It helps an individual to succeed in academic life. In addition, it is also a highly valued soft skill that helps professionals to reach greater heights of success in their careers.

Do you know that soft skills like listening are the key to India’s growth in the 21st century?


An interesting research reveals that top employers look for specific soft skills in candidates. The most valued skill in the years 2020-22 was the ‘growth mindset’ with a rise of 194%. The next most valued skill was creativity with an overall 72% increase in demand.

The chart below shows a list of some soft skills:

Demand for soft skills

Developing good listening skills is a passport to success. So help your child to learn the art of good listening. And nurture this quality over a period of time.

10. Organized

The last one in the list of the qualities of good student is to be organized. Students who know how to keep their stuff in the right place always save their precious time and energy. In fact, this quality has multiple benefits. Because it also translates to the ways in which students keep their notes/soft copies of files etc. organized.

A well-organized person shows clarity of thought. This makes him/her a charming personality. And the chances of success in social life also increase. Teach your child how to tidy up the room after play, and keep things back in place. And make organizing activities a part of your everyday play. Make it fun and never forget to appreciate the kid for his/her efforts.

Final Thoughts

Good students are not born!

They are nurtured and supported at every stage of their growth and development process. And they eventually blossom as pleasing personalities.

We hope these 10 qualities of a good student could help you to identify the workable areas of your child. Render support to your child. And always try to be a good role model for him/her. Your child is capable of building all these qualities, the only thing you need is the zeal and perseverance to make this happen!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are social qualities of students?
    Some of the social qualities of students are as follows:
    • Communication
    • Cooperation
    • Sharing with others
    • Respecting everyone
    • Following instructions/directions
  • What are the qualities of a good student?
    Good students have the below-mentioned qualities:
    • Resourceful
    • Honest
    • Possess high-order thinking
    • Have perseverance  
    • Intrinsically motivated
    • Respectful
    • Zealous to learn
    • Know how to manage time well
    • Active listening
    • Organized
  • Can anyone develop the qualities of a good student?
    These qualities can be developed by following a carefully planned approach. You can certainly develop these patiently. And the reap the benefits later on.
  • What are 30 qualities of a good student?

Top 30 qualities of a good student include:

2 Honest
3Possess high-order thinking skills
4Have perseverance 
6Zealous to learn
7Time management
8Intrinsically motivated
9Willingness to learn
10Good Listening
15Love of Reading
23Well Mannered
25Good Citizens
26Problem solvers
27Leadership qualities

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