Online schools are delivering world-class quality education to learners all across India through online schooling.

Online Schooling in India: What Is It and How Does It Work?

In the past couple of years, online schooling has proved its advantages for students in a number of ways. Experts have already highlighted its prospects in the years to come.

As India’s online education market is expected to grow to USD 1.96 billion at a CAGR of 52% (over the next five years), online schooling can extend better educational opportunities for all – students, teachers, and parents.

Let’s understand the structure and functionality of this schooling choice to help you understand how it works!

What Is Online Schooling?

An online schooling platform allows students to study through the internet. Students make use of home computers and access the study material through an online portal. Just like a traditional school, an online school must have a trained teaching staff, specialized in teaching online. These teachers conduct online classes and supervise the student’s performance.

The digital schooling option is highly flexible and convenient for the students as it allows the handholding of educators through online classes (synchronous learning) while simultaneously allowing self-paced independent study duration (asynchronous learning).

In India, K8 School has succeeded in replicating the traditional schooling structure with its unique and innovative digital platform. And it has seamlessly extended the benefits of ‘learning from anywhere’ to all Indian students despite their different locations and time zones.

Online schooling platforms are designed to cater to students online, without the intervention of parents.

How Do Online Schools Work?

In the simplest words, an online school functions through an online learning platform. Students log in to this platform/portal and access their program material such as study material, assessments, schedules, instructions, etc.

The digital learning platform also allows students to join an online class. The offerings of an online school can be accessed through this platform (such as options to seek the teacher’s help through chats, messages, etc.). And the teachers upload/modify the online course content as and when they find it necessary.

Components of a Completely Online School:

1. The Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System is the interactive platform through which online education is delivered to the students. The platform encompasses the curriculum, study material (modules and lessons), different types of assessments, and resources for innovative teaching like videos, audios, pictures, presentations, graphics, charts, etc.

Learning Management System (LMS) - Everything a student needs, accumulated at one place.

LMS also allows the teachers to upload assessments, and record performances. And through this software, the teachers also monitor the students’ performances.

A school can never fully operate online without integrating a proper LMS into the teaching process.

Top-notch online schools like K8 School have a highly advanced yet user-friendly LMS, that comes along with a single sign-on feature, a rare attribute.

Book a demo session & take-first hand experience of our advanced learning management system today!

2. Live Online Classes with the Teachers

Another imperative feature of an online school is the online classes.

The synchronous learning duration in an online school is the time when students and teachers interact with each other in real-time. Online classes are live sessions conducted by trained online teachers. The number of these classes can vary from platform to platform. Schools create a schedule for these classes in advance and the enrolled students attend these virtual classes.

These classes are rightly believed to be more engaging, interactive, productive, and quality-oriented. Although these classes are led by teachers, the students get enough opportunities to participate and interact with the class. Carefully planned online classes created an amicable atmosphere for the students while sensitizing them to cross-cultural sensitivity in the early years of their life.

Some online schools also conduct online classes through pre-recorded material like videos. And students can make use of these to seek the necessary support/handholding.

Did you know that K8 School is the only online school in India that conducts classes with a maximum strength of just 15 students in a batch?

We are revolutionizing the online teaching & learning process with our advanced online classes.

3. A Conference Application Software

We all know the importance of staying connected during online learning. A conference app is a software that allows for peer interactions, discussions, sessions, and communications.

A virtual conference app is used to attend or conduct sessions. Participants join the online event and collaborate from their respective locations.

Teacher taking online classes, engaging students into innovative activities while schooling online.

A good conference app improves the quality of online schooling. And reputed online schools like K8 School create these interaction opportunities by integrating the best conference apps from the online software market.

4. Essential Learning Resources

Even with such advancements in the online learning fundamentals today, children still need physical learning resources that are essential to school children from home.

These physical resources also prove to be an integral part of a child’s holistic development process.

To support this, K8 School provides a Free Learning Kit for our little learners.

Another important aspect of online schooling is the School Management System.

5. The School Management System (SMS)

The School Management System or the SMS is a software that is accessed by the school staff (both teaching and non-teaching), management, and parents. It helps to streamline the operations of the school and also to create a strong monitoring mechanism.

School Management System (SMS) - Main Dashboard.

A School Management System has a record of attendance, performances, and other day-to-day school operations. Tracking of the fee, and payments are done through SMS and it also helps to create an easy channel of communication between parents and the school.

> Mobile Application for Ease of Access

A school management application keeps you connected with the school, and updated with the student’s learning portfolio. It also provides easy access to SMS, which helps in accessing information at the fingertips. In this way, it reduces the human effort by keeping all the necessary tools at your disposal, while keeping the student and school data secure.

K8 school mobile application.

With a highly informative School Management System and an easy-to-use mobile application, India’s first accredited online school, K8 School empowers parents to track their child’s performance easily!

6. Online Assignments & Assessments

Just like a traditional school, online teachers create these assignments for students. The students are given a time limit for its completion and they follow the instructions given by the teachers.

Teachers integrate important parts of the content and gauge the understanding of the content/topic through these assessments. The purpose of these assignments is to map the learning objectives with the outcomes. And this helps in understanding the effectiveness of the resources/material/classes provided to the students.

7. Supplementary Learning Resources to Support Holistic Development

Supplementary learning resources are additional pieces of content that are NOT a part of the main curriculum/syllabus. These resources provide enrichment opportunities to students beyond regular schooling.

Supplemental education creates curiosity and encourages exploratory learning within the students while keeping them updated with the latest trends in the industry.

How Can an Online School Work for You?

By enrolling your child in an online school, you can make the most of its synchronous and asynchronous learning features. This design provides the necessary handholding to students and also adds a level of educational freedom that is missing in most traditional schools.

Students in online schools are more likely to become independent learners. This quality further helps them to thrive effortlessly in higher levels of their education.

Online schools are delivering world-class quality education to learners all across India through online schooling.

By choosing home-based schooling, you can also keep your child away from the hazards of school violence. Besides, with this educational choice, your child can master difficult concepts by devoting more or less time to a topic as per one’s own understanding.

The best part is that an online school can work wonders for you by saving loads of money that you spend on transportation, books, and miscellaneous/hidden charges in each academic year.

In terms of validity too, online schooling is better than the concept of typical home schooling in India.

There are numerous advantages of a virtual learning platform. Here’s more about the benefits…

Advantages of Learning From Anywhere

Struggles of a typical large classroom are known to one and all. But all thanks to technology and its growth in the past few years, there is finally an option that can support better individual learning for the students.

Virtual education has not only revolutionized the teaching and learning processes but also improved the overall quality of education in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, along with metropolitan areas.

With online schooling, students can study 24*7*365, and that too at an affordable fee. As technology is inherently known to bring down costs, online education offers a win-win situation for parents who are looking out for quality education for their children without spending skyrocketing fees.

Online learning is helping India in closing the education gaps in the Indian education system.

In fact, online education makes high-quality online resources readily available for students with just an internet connection and a device, therefore, the learning is automatically extended beyond the traditional classrooms.

Also, virtual learning practically makes way for learning while traveling and even during the odd hours of the day. This feature of virtual learning allows making adjustments to an individual’s learning absolutely as per his/her own pace. In addition, it also adds more value to the student’s engagement as the students can focus on the topics that need more attention.

So, Isn’t This the Right Schooling Design That You Always Wanted?

Online schooling is not one of the choices but the only right choice for 21st-century learners. It creates a flexible and student-friendly environment and ensures the safety of children through home-based learning opportunities. By stimulating the innate creativity and capabilities of children through engaging digital platforms, you will pave a solid foundation for their future success.

Digital natives of this generation need the right exposure. Online schooling is the right choice for your child.

Experience it Yourself! Take a Demo Session with One of Our Teachers Today!

By enrolling your child in a good online school, like K8 School, you will no longer be burdened with managing your child’s schedule, homework, assignments, etc. We provide holistic education to the children through love, care, and handholding at each step of their educational journey. All you need to do is to take the first step and make the right choice for the future, now.

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