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K8 School is India’s first and only accredited 100 per cent online school from Nursery to Grade 8.

An online school is a school offering virtual classes that students can take at their convenience from home or anywhere else. An online school has a technological infrastructure on which its learning platform operates. An online school is different from online classes/tuitions because an online school is a complete school in itself.

A student would need a laptop/tablet and good internet connectivity for studying in K8 School. However, we also recommend that a child attends classes from an assigned work desk every day to instil discipline from a young age.

K8 School for Nursery to Grade 8, is India’s first & only accredited online school, offering a world-class curriculum through 3-5 hours of regular online classes 5-6 days a week in small class sizes of 15-20 students/class, thus providing dedicated attention to every child, in India’s most multicultural classrooms comprising students from all parts of India, where parents don’t have to sit in their child’s classes as the learning management system is powerful enough to inspire children to learn easily and independently. Emphasis is laid on developing multiple intelligences and skills in every child, using counselling, yoga, music, art, dance, story-telling, cultural exchanges, personality-development classes, moral studies and many other extracurricular activities for holistic development, providing them with enough avenues to learn without joining any extra tuitions outside of K8 School. In K8 School, children are therefore doing well in studies and getting enough free time to focus on their hobbies, career goals and other interests, and hence the motto ‘Happy Students, Happy Parents’ is well-served.

No parent would want to choose a school that is not recognised. Accreditation is a higher degree of recognition. It is a hallmark of educational excellence and not only ensures that the school is recognised but also that it is operating at a high level of educational excellence and is on a path of continuous improvement.

Yes, K8 School is accredited by Cognia, the largest and the most prestigious consortium of accredited schools in the world.

K8 School follows the CBSE-Based curriculum applying excellent teacher training and learning methodologies.

Absolutely, our curriculum is very flexible and accommodating to the specific learning needs of the students. This makes K8 School an ideal fit for students from all backgrounds.

All teachers of K8 School are certified by Cognia and have undergone rigorous training for teaching in an online setup. So, you can fully trust our teachers.

K8 School follows the Indian academic calendar including designated summer, autumn, winter, gazetted holidays and festival breaks.

K8 School believes in nurturing the uniqueness of every student which is the reason why our maximum batch strength is 15 students per classroom. This is intended to provide maximum attention to each child along with an adequate level of classroom interaction among peers.

The LMS is a learning platform that is accessible to students 24/7. All the content for classes is available on the LMS. The SMS is the virtual administrative office of K8 School wherein you can find your child’s assigned courses with teachers and the payment slip.

The school timings are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm from Monday to Friday with an activity day on every second and fourth Saturday. However, the timings vary across classes. For Nursery and Kindergarten, there will be 4 classes of 30 minutes each with a 10 minute break after each session. For grades 1 and 2, there will be 5 classes of 30 minutes each with a 10 minute break after each session and a 30 minute long break after the 3rd class. For grades 3 to 8, there will be 5 classes of 40 minutes each with a 10 minute break after each session and a 30 minute long break after the 3rd class. Timings may be subject to change in future.

K8 School acts upon every policy structured for the functioning of the school. As a result, students cannot be provided with any live class recordings that they miss due to any reason. This is done to encourage the students to attend classes. But in case any student misses the class and needs help to cope up, the teachers help in every way possible.

Students are expected to report their absence from school prior to taking the leave by mailing us at [email protected]  stating the specified reason for the leave/s. 

The subjects offered at Nursery and Kindergarten include Language Arts, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Creative Hub, Hindi/Spanish and Joyful Activities.

The subjects offered at the Primary level (grades 1 to 5) include Language Art, Mathematics, Science, Art, Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Computer Education and Hindi/Spanish. A student can either choose one subject between Hindi and Spanish or skip both subjects.

The subjects offered at the Middle level (grades 6 to 8) include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Education, Physical Education, Value Education and Hindi/Spanish.

It is mandatory for students from grades 6 to 8 to choose at least one subject between Hindi and Spanish.

Physical education is taught both theoretically and practically. During the class, the teacher explains the concepts theoretically and then students are given tasks to perform outdoors that are recorded and submitted within the assessment deadline.

Students are given tasks and assignments every day that they’re supposed to write in their respective subject notebooks and subsequently scan and submit on the LMS. Also, teachers encourage the practice of writing during the class.

Yes, various extracurricular activities like yoga, music, art, dance, story-telling, cultural exchanges, personality-development classes, moral studies etc are conducted by the school for the holistic development of the students.

At K8 School, your child will experience a multi-cultural classroom comprising students from all parts of India. K8 School students have friends from all parts of India and thus learn to appreciate different cultures, religions and values from a young age. This is the best social interaction a parent can ask for the child in the formative years of their life.

The school conducts online assessments for all students. Assessments are conducted regularly after every lesson and module. The school also conducts mid-term and annual assessments in pen and paper mode.

All the submission deadlines are planned according to the pace of the class so that no student is burdened with submissions at a given point in time. In rare cases, if a student is unable to submit within the given deadline, formal procedures are in place to ensure they are given a window to submit in due time.

Tracking your child’s performance is just a click away at K8 School. We provide parents with the freedom to consistently keep a track of their child’s performance by logging in to the LMS at any time. Monthly progress reports of the students are also emailed to the parents so that parents of our K8 Schoolers are always on track with the progress of their children.

There is absolutely no requirement for the parents to sit through the child’s classes. The Learning Management System is powerful enough to inspire children to learn easily and independently. In fact, we at K8 School encourage the students to be independent. The parents are only to support the learning process of their child.

The basic requirements for admission in a particular grade are age requirements and some essential documentary proofs. Please check the link for complete information, https://k8school.com/age-eligibility/

In either of the cases mentioned above, K8 School takes an evaluation test of the child. The fee for the evaluation test is Indian Rupees 4999. Please check the link for complete information, https://k8school.com/evaluation-test/

The admission procedure in K8 School is simple and transparent. Please check the link for complete information, https://k8school.com/student-registration-process/

Connecting with teachers at K8 School is just a click away through the school’s mobile app. We at K8 School promote and encourage a culture for parents to reach out to us and provide feedback for continuous improvement. Formal PTMs are also held at regular intervals where the progress of the child is discussed in detail.  

Absolutely, all kinds of suggestions from our parents are always welcome. Your continuous feedback helps us to be on the path of continuous improvement. Please feel free to mail us at [email protected] for any feedback or query and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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