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Teaching Environment

Teaching at K8 School revolves around four fundamental objectives: Academic Enrichment, Career Guidance, Character-Building and Preparation for Life. The teaching is designed to prepare students to embrace and overcome challenges that the modern world poses while continuously inspiring them to become academically strong. To do this, all teachers and other support staff members are encouraged to polish their academic knowledge from time to time so that they remain at the top of their concepts and fundamentals. Every teacher at K8 School is expected to consistently engage in knowledge-building exercises with students, provide them personalized academic interventions and ensure that they are engaged in an academically rigorous and high-performing environment.  

The teachers and career guidance support wing at K8 School also indulge in regular activities to know more about each student and introduce career choices and opportunities to them accordingly. Preparing the students to become good human beings and cultivate good moral values is also an integral component of the ethos of K8 School. We at K8 School, however, firmly uphold that a combination of academic, professional and moral strengths is incomplete unless students know how to apply and practice them in the day-to-day routine and the larger walk of life. Our teaching objectives, therefore, stress on nurturing the students into individuals full of confidence about self, their abilities and skills and yet understand that learning is a continuous and comprehensive process that is life-long.  

To motivate students to maximize the value that they derive from teaching objectives of K8 School and to consistently strive to do better, the teaching environment at K8 School is designed to welcome each student and make him/her feel an integral and valued part of the school. We believe that each student is a unique individual with different learning abilities but infinite potential and that potential can transcend to academic and professional success only if the teaching environment is customized to develop that potential. We at K8 School strongly uphold that only an unflinching commitment to collaborate efficiently and effectively between the teachers and parents ensures that every student realizes his/her full potential. We, therefore, include collaboration as an important attribute of our teaching environment so that all students feel the positive impact of collegiality and cooperation and also ensure that each student gets an opportunity to learn from peers.  

While our teachers discharge their teaching and academic duties by creating and fostering a ‘welcoming’ and ‘collaborative’ teaching environment, the students are provided with ample opportunities and space to focus on their own academic pursuits and achieve their desired goals. The third attribute of our teaching environment ‘self-motivation’ is programmed to ensure that each and every student must be inspired and motivated to consistently perform well. This also prepares all students individually to approach their careers and lives with more planning, confidence and self-assurance while making them more organized, balanced and self-reliant. Collectively, our teaching attributes work on the fundamental of creating a roadmap to success for EACH STUDENT ON HER/HIS OWN. 


One-to-one teaching and instructions

One-to-one teaching methodology aids the teacher to identify and focus on the specific needs of the child. This gives the teachers and students a learning platform where they can innovate their skills and techniques to suit the specific student needs. 

More feedback and monitoring

Feedbacks and monitoring provide a reflection on the teaching as a whole process. This reflection is important to develop personal and professional skills in order to meet the demands of the curriculum. 

Consistent and comprehensive assessment

The continuous and comprehensive assessment is done “for learning” and “of learning” to enhance the teaching output. This assessment provides the teacher with an analysis of the effectiveness of the methods used to teach any concept. 

Proctored and regulated environment

The proctored and regulated environment ensures that the learning process is guided, safe, and well-monitored. The students and the teachers develop a feeling of trust in the open and regulated learning environment. 

Frequent involvement of parents

The collaboration of teachers and parents aims to develop the holistic development of the student. The frequent involvement of parents gives them an opportunity to monitor, witness, experience, and play a significant role in their child’s learning. 

Are you a motivated and self-disciplined person? Do you love children? Do you think that teaching is something that comes naturally to you? Then you may be the right ‘fit’ for being a part of our teaching team. Please feel free to express your interest by filling this form and we will get in touch with you.





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