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Evaluation Test

Who needs an Evaluation Test, and why?

A lot of parents aren’t able to provide formal academic documents of their child’s previous education. A few of them are even looking for admission during the middle of the academic year. These are a couple of the various scenarios in which K8 School’s Admission Committee recommends that the child take an Evaluation Test. We need it because we want to be 100% sure that if a child is being admitted to a particular grade, he/she will be able to meet the academic expectations of that particular grade. It is the least that we can do to protect the interests of the child.

What's the process?

In cases such as the ones mentioned above or in other cases where an Evaluation Test is recommended, the following process is followed:

General information regarding the Evaluation Test:

Format: A 30-marks and 45-minute test is administered by trained members of the K8 School Admission Committee.

Minimum pass criteria to seek admission in the grade that the child is eligible for: 60%

Test areas and topics:

Grade English Mathematics Science Total
KG 10 10 10 30
1 10 10 10 30
2 10 10 10 30
3 10 10 10 30
4 10 10 10 30
5 10 10 10 30
6 10 10 10 30
7 10 10 10 30
8 10 10 10 30

All other criteria related to the admission of a child will still apply, including but not limited to the criteria related to age eligibility. Performance in the Evaluation Test is for screening purposes only and is in no way a guarantee of admission.

Additionally, all decisions regarding the final admission of any child are taken by an Admission Committee at K8 School, and their decision is final and binding.

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