Classes when taken online helps your child in retaining knowledge.

Revolutionizing Online Classes with K8 Online School

The past couple of years have been dramatic for our education system. For the first time ever, parents throughout the world experienced 100% digital schooling in full swing. In India, the pandemic led to an abrupt shift from traditional schooling to online classes. But this haphazard transition created a lot of confusion among the stakeholders.

To build more resilient education systems for the long-term, countries should consider investing in the enabling environment to unlock the potential of digital learning opportunities for all students.

~UNICEF South Asia

But let’s face it!

In India, we are still battling with virus threats. And owing to the harsh experiences of pandemic schooling, many of us failed to see the advantages of online schooling. It is a ground reality that many of us are still unaware of the realities of this new and better mode of education!

Why Online Classes?

Well-designed online classes are hands-down better than any traditional school

& what’s better than integrating the benefits of online classes into the mainstream schooling itself?

So, let’s take you through some aspects of online schooling offered by K8 School

To help you understand how this option can immensely help your child in the times to come!

Virtual schooling through India’s first and only recognized online school (K8 School) is a fully-loaded educational choice.

Do you know that if you enroll your child in an online learning platform, it can accelerate the pace of his/her learning?

Yes! It is a proven fact that a student learns at a much faster rate through the online mode. And this happens because they can retain and grasp information better through this medium.

You will be surprised to know the actual variance between online and offline knowledge retention, it is as high as up to 60%. And it is because an online class is self-paced and allows the feasibility to choose one’s own pace of learning. Online students can re-read, re-do or skip content as per their mastery over the topic. And this helps them to save a lot of productive time and energy. Online learning also adds a lot of value to a student’s learning. And all this and more is available with the added benefit of convenience. 

This is just a bit about online classes, and there’s lots more to discuss!

How can Online Classes from K8 School Benefit your Child?

Read further to figure out how K8 School, India’s first accredited online school, creates the best learning opportunities through high-quality online classes

1. The right platform for every learner

Nature has given us different abilities. And no two individuals on the planet are completely alike!

At K8 School, we celebrate the beauty that lies in the individual differences of our students. Hence, our learning management system and online teaching creates a perfectly personalized learning environment that matches the learning style of each of our enrolled students. Our auditory learners can enjoy their learning through audios, recorded lectures. And the visual learners can make use of videos, presentations, and graphics available on our learning management system. For the ones that prefer more of movement, we have options of performing hands-on activities.

All in all, our online schooling platform is a perfect blend of freedom and handholding. And our students enjoy a high-quality schooling experience in a carefully planned customized learning environment.

2. Quality matters

In India, we all aspire for world-class quality in our child’s school. But how many of us are able to find it in a typical community school?

A noisy and crowded traditional classroom is anything but PERFECT for your child!

But now with the power of Information Technology, you need not sacrifice your dreams of quality education anymore!

Our platform collates the world’s best online content under one platform.

For quality concerns, you need not bother anymore. Because we have already arranged for the best quality education that truly matches the international standards.

Our quality explanation is 100% fool-proof. Because we are accredited by the world’s leading accrediting agency, Cognia. This accreditation proves our superlative standards of academic excellence. And it places us at par with any top international institution.

If you wish to know more details about this accreditation visit our official ‘Accreditation’ page.

3. We address unique learning needs

Introverted, gifted, slow, differently-abled and all other types of students need an institution that can cater to them as individual students. At K8 School, our learning program does exactly this for our students!

We create the right learning environment with pacing options. And our students can choose their own speed to develop conceptual understanding. We strictly refrain from the idea of comparing two students with each other. Because for us, every student is a unique individual with inborn/innate potential.

Read the next point to know more about our online teaching and how we create a suitable learning environment virtually.

4. Our designs improve your child’s academic base   

We operate through the credible design of virtual schooling created by the top leaders of the education industry. Our programs have both the synchronous and asynchronous learning duration. This means that online classes are an integral part of our school programs. And our students get a hang of it easily as these are carefully planned and well-executed by our online teaching experts. Now you need not look for extra online classes as with K8School, your child becomes a full-fledged online student without joining any other platform.

Our students can enjoy world-class online learning, extra-curricular activities, and peer interactions without stepping out of their homes. So isn’t this a sigh of relief in these stressful times of the pandemic?

For real-time teacher-student interactions, we conduct a number of virtual classes (batch size is kept as small as a maximum of 15 students). And the student along with his/her learning coach has the rest of the time as the asynchronous learning duration. 

During the asynchronous learning duration, our teachers support students in a number of ways. They upload modules, and these are further divided into lessons. Students can use the resources/material and offerings of our platform during this self-study time. And this is the time when their study is completely self paced. Once they are thorough with the ongoing topic, they can access/unlock the next lesson. And our teachers gauge their mastery over the subject matter through the inbuilt assessments.

Classes when taken online helps your child in retaining knowledge.

We judge the student’s learning/performance through the teacher’s feedback and we collate it with the automated mechanisms inbuilt within our learning platform. For the identification of learning gaps, understanding of concepts, and overall academic achievements, we rely on the mastery learning approach. And in this way, we prepare our students for the upcoming grades through a sound academic foundation.    

5. Your child gets ready for a competitive world

The post-Covid world is more complex than you think!

And for employment opportunities, your child needs to develop relevant skills. At K8 School, we understand that skills cannot be developed overnight. Hence, we use a skill-based learning design to nurture these in your child. Our program and challenging course materials focus on activities that develop critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration, etc. And this approach shapes up our students into skilled and future-ready individuals.

Your child’s future is in your able hands!

Make the right move today and secure your child’s future through the right decision!

Integrate online classes in the everyday schooling of your child

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